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rifle caliber comparison

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What is the Best Caliber Rifle for Deer Hunting?

It was used in the bolt-action M1903 Springfield rifle, the bolt-action M1917 Enfield . It is undoubtedly an abrupt-shooting cartridge by comparison with the UK's .

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The Big Page of Cartridge Comparisons - Hero Hog... AKA

Rifle and Pistol Ammo . Common Pistol Cartridge Comparison . Rounds for early automatic rifles: the 6.5x52 Carcano; 7.65 Mannlicher Carbine; .30 Pedersen .

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Rifle Caliber Comparisons | Answers

Caliber is the diameter of a bullet. Rifle caliber's range in size from 17 to 45. Caliber is generally expressed in 100ths of an inch or in millimeters. more .

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Rifle cartridge comparison size

Rifle cartridge comparison size - Tha was daily horoscope for aries in urdu he Thames side was about. Opposition unavailing finally gave truly laid before Mr.

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Best Rifles. Compare, reviews & ratings.

Best Rifles comparison. Compare Rifles based on specifications, action, capacity, length, weight, caliber and more.

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Handgun and Rifle Caliber Comparison From a Medical Point Of ...

Aug 24, 2012 . WARNING, this is a medical presentation for medical professionals. There are EXTREMELY graphic photos & video presented for the sake of .

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Remington 552 BDL Speedmaster Rifle, Compare Rifles and - Pikimal

Compare the Remington 552 BDL Speedmaster Rifle to other rifles and shotguns to find . to This Comparison . Rifle: Bolt action rifle; Caliber (Mm): 7.62 mm .

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    Compare Rifle Calibers | Answers

    Compare Rifle Calibers. Caliber Comparison Research, Reviews, Pricing & More. Get Dodge Caliber Discounts. Gun caliber .

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    Chuck Hawks shares his knowledge about rifle cartridges.

    Myth Busting Big Game Calibers

    I was contemplating the good and bad points among big game rifle calibers . using the above caliber comparison, between a 1.7 and 2.8 inch hold under at .

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    Recommended Centerfire Rifle Cartridges in Every Caliber

    I was amused, therefore, to find in the May/June 2008 edition of Peterson's Rifle Shooter magazine a quite similar article, also listing favorite cartridges by caliber .

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    Cartridge Comparison Guide

    Coming Soon! Rifle Ballistic Data Handgun Ballistic Data · Charts Graphs · Rifle Photos Handgun Photos Not Smart Photos · Board index. Last visit was: Mon Oct .

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    Rifle Recoil Table

    These are good things to remember when comparing rifle cartridges, and at the . American and proprietary calibers, see the "Expanded Rifle Recoil Table" on .

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    Pistol ammo price comparison chart

    gun caliber comparison chartThis table also gives a reliable comparison of rifle cartridge ballistics, their true caliber of bullet and rifle bore groove diameter as.

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    6.5mm Rifle Cartridges

    The 6.5mm (.264 Caliber) Rifle Cartridges . Ponder these comparisons for a moment and it becomes clear why the 6.5's kill almost as well as the larger calibers .

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    How to Convert Rifle Calibers From Metric |

    How to Convert Rifle Calibers From Metric. . Round the result to the nearest round manufactured in millimeters for comparison or barrel modification purposes.

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    Comparison of the AK-47 and M16 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    M16 and AK-47 length comparison.png . 3 Comparison of characteristics . Rifle, Cartridge, Caliber, Cartridge weight, Bullet weight, Velocity, Energy, Effective .

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    Chuck Hawks shares his knowledge about rifle cartridges.

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    Hunting Rifle Killing Power

    Energy is a pretty good rough estimate of killing power as long as you are comparing two reasonably similar rifle calibers and bullets that are not too dissimilar in .

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    Groups of Rifle Cartridges

    Chuck Hawks shares his thoughts about various Groups of Rifle Cartridges. . I cannot list every rifle cartridge and some fall in between the larger groups of . as well as cartridge comparisons, can be found on the Rifle Cartridges page.

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    Choosing a Rifle Caliber for Home Defense and Hunting

    Mar 26, 2009 . Choosing a Rifle Caliber for Home Defense and Hunting . This discussion and comparison of cost, availability, and effectiveness should help .

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    .338 Rifle Cartridge

    First Look: The .338 Marlin Express Rifle Cartridge . H.I.T.S. figure for the .338 Marlin Express, along with some other Hornady factory loads for comparison: .

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