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Precision Rifle Ballistics Page

Jan 12, 2003 . Precision Rifle EXTERIOR BALLISTICS Table. The task of preparing exterior ballistic data on all our bullets in all weights with all charges of .

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Rifle Ballistics Chart | Answers

A rifle ballistics chart provides data on the velocity and foot pounds of pressure that can be expected at different ranges for a specific size of ammunition .

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Remington Ballistics Calculator

If you are unsure of which bullet weight and/or velocity to submit, use the information from our on-line ballistics tables above. Example: The muzzle energy of a .

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Ballistics 101 | All the ballistic charts. Finally, in one place

Complete ammunition ballistics charts. Compare . Our opinions of this great rifle are quite high. We ran it . Savage is bringing back their 22LR/410 combo rifle.

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Ballistics Calculator Silverlight - Winchester Ammunition

The Winchester Ammunition Ballistics Calculator is the most advanced ballistics . shotgun slug, rimfire, centerfire handgun and centerfire rifle ammo ballistics. . The ballistics calculator provides easy to read ballistics charts and graphs while .

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Rifle Ballistics Summary

Chuck Hawks shares information about rifle cartridge ballistics.

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Ballistic Chart - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

Click to download a Ballistic Chart (PDF) Metric Ballistic Chart - 2012 Standard Ballistics Chart - 2012 For more information, view our H.I.T.S. Calculator to ...

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    Ballistics Table Summary | Guns & Ammo

    Ballistics Table Summary. Cartridge Type . AMMUNITION BALLISTICS FOR .22 LONG RIFLE - STANDARD VELOCITY &, Rimfire, 0 - .22. Aguila. CCI/Speer .

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    Rifle Ballistics Table - Improved

    Chuck Hawks shares more information about rifle cartridge .

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    Ballistics Charts, Tables & Information | Sportsman's Guide

    Centerfire Rifle Ballistics Tables (PDF: 104 KB / 4 pages) Centerfire Pistol & Revolver Ballistics Tables (PDF: 163 KB / 1 page). To download and view these .

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    Nikon SpotOn Ballistic Match Technology for iPhone, iPod touch ...

    Jun 27, 2012 . Download Nikon SpotOn Ballistic Match Technology and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, . All you need is a rifle, a Nikon riflescope and a rangefinder… . loads as well as the ability to create and email a field reference chart.

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    Shooter's Bible Guide to Rifle Ballistics: Wayne van Zwoll ...

    The 103rd edition contains up-to-date handgun and rifle ballistic tables along with extensive charts of currently available bullets and projectiles for handloading , .

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    Ballistic Tables

    Oct 5, 2007 . The complete resource of ballistic information for all Centerfire Guns and Handguns ammunition.

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    Rifle Silhouette Ballistics and Scope Adjustment Charts

    The ballistics relative to the rimfire ammunition used in the NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette shooting competitions and the scope adjustments which are required .

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    22 Rimfire Ballistics Table - The Sight Ruger 10/22 Rifle Site

    A detailed table on the ballistics of the .22 LR cartridge for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. If you do any serious shooting, this is a reference you must have.

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    Federal Premium - Rifle Ballistics

    Rifle Ammunition. Products > Rifle Ammunition. Helpful Tools Featured Rifle Loads: . Or, learn more about our rifle ammunition brands. Or check out Fusion .

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    External Ballistics Continued

    Rifle Ballistics. The tables below are based upon the assumption of a telescopic sight mounted 1.5 inches above .

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    5.4 Changing the Zero Range - exterior ballistics

    If you glance ahead to the Ballistics Tables, you will notice that bullet path data are listed for most rifle bullets at zero ranges of 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards, and .

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    Rifle Trajectory Table

    . shares information about rifle cartridge trajectory and ballistics.

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    Ammunition Ballistics- Ballistics Chart for Rifle Ammunition - Guns

    Ammunition Ballistics- Ballistics Chart for Rifle Ammunition, Ammunition Ballistics Tables, Federal Ammunition Ballistics. Ammunition ballistics is the study of .

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    .243 Ballistics Chart & Coefficient

    Jul 18, 2012 . The following is a ballistic chart/table that details drop, velocity, energy, and time for a common .243 round the Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, .

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    Muzzle load ballistics

    May 21, 2010 . Muzzle loading ballistic tables from my son and my experiences with . Never fire a muzzle loading rifle, pistol, or shotgun unless the bullet or .

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    Able's Helpful Reference Charts for ammo, gun accessories, hunting ...

    Manufacturer's Reference Charts. . Use Able's Helpful Charts to find product information on Ammunition Ballistic Data, Optics, . Rifle Scope Reticle List .

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    Ballistics Resource - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

    Providing an interactive experience at your fingertips, Hornady's online Ballistics Resource is designed to give users in-depth insight to internal, external and .

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    Rifles / Ammunition / Ballistics / 300 Winchester Short Magnum:

    300 WSM. Ballistics: Bullet Velocity, Energy & Trajectory Chart. Rifle Barrel Length: 24 Inches. Ammuntion: Winchester, 300 WSM., 150 Grain E-Tip Bullet.

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    THE .375 H&H MAGNUM

    The best rifle to have that is chambered for this caliber would indeed be the bolt action, there is no need for . .375 H&H Magnum Rifle Ballistics Table .

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    CCI Ammunition - View All CCI Loads

    Detail, 0032, 22 Long Rifle, Standard Velocity, 40, LRN, Compare. Detail, 0023, 22 . Compare. Detail, 0030, 22 Long Rifle, Mini-Mag HV, 40, CPRN, Compare .

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    Shooter's Bible Guide to Rifle Ballistics

    The 103rd edition contains up-to-date handgun and rifle ballistic tables along with extensive charts of currently available bullets and projectiles for handloading , .

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    30-06 Ballistics Chart & Coefficient

    Jul 11, 2012 . The following is a 1000 yard 30-06 ballistic charting of a Remington 30-06 Springfield 165 Grain AccuTip Boat Tail with a BC (Ballistic .

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    Ballistics Table For Deer Rifles

    A ballistics table for todays most popular whitetail deer rifles.

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